What Are the 6 Most Common Cloud Services?

Cloud computing has changed the tech world for the better. It offers a safer way to share and store data. It allows your developers to build and deploy applications even quicker. And it enables better collaboration across your team. However, using the cloud requires some regular maintenance and monitoring to keep everything running smoothly. To reap all the benefits of cloud computing without any extra hassle, your team needs managed cloud services.

What Are the Main Types of Cloud Services?

The six main types of managed cloud services businesses deal with are:

  1. Serverless computing
  2. Container-based computing
  3. Server-based computing
  4. DevOps

Plus these extra two if you are interested in enhanced security services as part of your managed cloud services:

  1. Managed cloud protection
  2. Disaster recovery services

Let’s take a closer look at these types of cloud services with examples of what InterVision specifically does to help.

Serverless Computing

Serverless cloud computing services allow your developers to create and run programs and applications without having to monitor or maintain the tech infrastructure for it. That’s not to say that these programs and applications aren’t on servers. They are, but your IT team won’t have to worry about setting up or fixing flaws in your tech infrastructure as you build those applications because a third party takes care of it for you.

Managed cloud services for serverless computing centers around teaching best practices for how to do this type of computing. With InterVision specifically, you will learn which serverless functions to use so that you can manage your cloud-optimized environments more efficiently. Our team of experts will also help you navigate how best to use serverless architectures. We monitor your environments to keep your data safe as well.

Container-Based Computing

A container-based cloud service stores all the software and related dependencies needed to run applications in any environment. Similar to serverless cloud computing services, this service takes advantage of container-based solutions. It allows your IT team to run applications without having to directly monitor and manage cloud infrastructure in the process. Your team can focus on creating and running the container itself rather than the general infrastructure overall.

Like with serverless computing, managed cloud services offer support on how best to monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure when using container-based environments. A managed cloud services team will help you diagnose problems quickly and send you alerts should something problematic arise so that your team can spend more time focusing efforts elsewhere. The expert team at InterVision will not only guide you in using container-based architectures, but they will also be available to answer any questions you have along the way.

Server-Based Computing

Server-based computing allows you to execute and use applications remotely across several types of devices. Cloud servers are virtual rather than physical. With InterVision’s managed cloud services dealing with server-based computing, you will receive assistance from an expert team on the server, databases, and cloud environment. Such support includes management of:

  • Events or incidents that arise
  • Changes and patches to make the cloud environment run more smoothly
  • Configurations
  • Security to better protect against risk
  • Continuity to ensure service functionality at all times
  • Compliance benchmarking


IT teams use DevOps to automatically develop and deploy software and infrastructures on the cloud. DevOps allows teams to more quickly release products and services. With managed cloud services, your process can become even more efficient because a team of experts will manage your automation processes to improve your software development and release cycles. For example, the team at InterVision can automate application code delivery and cloud infrastructure buildout.

With managed cloud services, you can modernize and optimize your application development and related workflows. You can complete the entire process, from building to testing and deployment, much quicker. You’ll also receive troubleshooting assistance and CI/CD tools that aid in responding to unexpected incidents.

Managed Cloud Protection

Like with data stored in any other part of your tech stack, you’ll want to make sure that your data stored on the cloud is safe. With managed cloud services, and enhanced security services in particular, you can do that without taking up any more of your IT department’s time. Cybersecurity experts from an external provider will manage your cloud security and monitor it for threats. The team at InterVision does that monitoring 24/7.

We do all our monitoring using a security suite from Trend Micro™, an industry leader in security software. Specifically, we take care of:

  • Anti-malware
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Log inspection
  • Virtual patching
  • Anomaly detection

Disaster Recovery Services

72% of organizations aren’t prepared for disaster recovery. And the sad truth is that disaster strikes even with set precautions in place. With enhanced security services, you can be one of the 28% ready to recover should you face a natural disaster, hacker, or some other unexpected event that disrupts the cloud.

At InterVision, we monitor your systems 24/7 so that we can respond within minutes should your cloud infrastructure face disaster. We will also ensure that you meet outside requirements for testing and certifications. We prepare you for disasters by replicating your infrastructures so that you can use them during downtimes and you don’t lose any of your data.

To learn more about our security services, click here.

What Are 3 Common Reasons to Use Cloud Managed Services?

Three of the common reasons you should take advantage of managed services for your uses of cloud computing are to:

  1. Free up your team to focus on high-level tasks. When your team offloads some of their critical operation tasks, they can direct their efforts towards application development and strategic initiatives.
  2. Advance cloud security posture. You can do so through consulting, migration, and optimization services as well as adherence to best practices.
  3. Ensure secure environments and protected data. With managed cloud services, you gain enhanced security operations and confirmation management that provides you with better protected environments.

With InterVision’s expertise on the latest cloud technologies, you can manage your cloud without stress or hassle.

Partner With InterVision for Managed Cloud Services

When you work with InterVision for your managed cloud services, you receive a partner who will work by your side to find the best solution for you. And we partner with companies that offer top cloud technologies, like AWS and Azure. Working with us means you gain access to these technologies. To learn more about our solutions, check out our Managed Cloud Services page. Or, if you’re ready to get started, contact us today.