Auto Service Contract Company Transforms IT Top to Bottom


Auto Service Contract Company Transforms IT Top to Bottom

About the Company

A nationwide company that offers extended vehicle service contracts, the customer has options available to customers with used trucks, autos, motorcycles, ATVs or other motor vehicles.

The Vision and Challenge

The company had an aging MiTel system that was experiencing reliability issues. They had numerous outages which cost them $200K per hour. Compounding this tremendous expenditure was a manual process relying on Excel to manage agents.

To return maximum value back to the business, the IT team needed to improve its IT stance. After all, the organization wanted to focus its time on better serving customers, not fighting fires in the IT department. Many in the business wanted to transition their available lists and call data to a new system to make better advertising and marketing decisions, but again they were hindered by their legacy IT infrastructure.

The IT team had taken a “Run, Grow, and Transform” approach to their IT projects, but challenges with keeping operations running and decreasing costs prevented them from giving proper attention to transformation projects. For this reason, they sought the assistance of a trusted third party and arrived upon InterVision.

The Outcome

InterVision engaged with the company to discuss their unique goals and pain points. Everything went back to consolidating and accelerating their “Run, Grow, and Transform” projects, and our leading position in the marketplace as a strategic service provider (SSP) meant we were able to provide solutions for all three of these initiatives.

The project is still ongoing. The organization intends to leverage our contact center and Hosted Collaboration solution to accomplish their “Run” objectives, SD-WAN and IT management expertise for their “Grow” initiatives, and a machine learning (ML) assessment to identify areas to jumpstart “Transform” projects.

Intended Solutions:

  • WebEx Contact Center
  • Hosted Collaboration
  • Calabrio for Workforce Management/Optimization/Analytics
  • SilverPeak SD-WAN
  • Machine Learning Assessment

Intended Benefits:

  • Extremely reliable phone system
  • Streamlined training and management of agents
  • Better timing of advertising through ML
  • Better target marketing and demographics through ML

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