DRFortress Expands Datacenter and Cloud Services



About the Company

Businesses, government agencies, and network service providers rely on DRFortress for best-in-class, carrier-neutral datacenter and cloud services in Hawaii. Customers can choose from public and private cloud services with flexible, subscription-based or pay-as-you-go billing options, as well as datacenter colocation, storage services, and Internet peering. DRFortress houses and operates the commercial Internet for the state.


The Vision and Challenge

DRFortress needed to increase the performance and reliability of its Honolulu datacenter network so that it could expand its cloud services, meet customer demand, and attract new customers.

As the first step to its datacenter network refresh, DRFortress sought out an IT solution partner that had a deep understanding of a datacenter provider’s needs and a keen understanding of the latest technologies.

The Outcome

DRFortress chose InterVision, an Elite-level Juniper partner, to help architect a datacenter network that would deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability to support the company’s dense, virtualized datacenter environment.

InterVision was named Juniper Network’s Partner of the Year in 2019, the fifth year having received this award. Having deployed more than 1,000 agile, highly scalable IT infrastructures for customers based on Juniper Networks, InterVision has a dedicated practice around Juniper, and an engineering team that continually tests and validates the latest Juniper solutions in its technology lab. InterVision also has five Juniper Ingenious Champions on staff.

To meet strong customer demand for hosting and cloud services, DRFortress upgraded its datacenter to Juniper Networks® QFX5100 Switches. The QFX5100 is a very low latency, high-performance, 10GbE/40GbE datacenter switch that is optimized for application delivery and delivers a powerful feature set for virtualized datacenters.

“By upgrading to a faster, more reliable Juniper infrastructure, we have been able to open up new lines of revenue,” says Fred Rodi, president and founder of DRFortress. “We have added new customers and grown our business.”
DRFortress also upgraded its core routing to the Juniper Networks MX80 3D Universal Edge Router. With datacenter power and space at a premium in the company’s Honolulu datacenter, the compact form factor of the MX80 router is ideal to deliver necessary capacity, density, and performance. Migrating to Juniper enabled DRFortress to replace the functionality of two routers and two firewalls with a pair of MX80 routers, which freed up space in the datacenter and reduced CapEx and OpEx.

Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers and QFX Series switches run Juniper Networks Junos® operating system, Juniper’s reliable, high-performance operating system for routing, switching, and security. With Junos OS, DRFortress can deploy new services quickly and improve the reliability, performance, and security of existing services. Junos OS automates network operations, so the operations team can focus on deploying new applications and services.

The DRFortress cloud service supports 80GbE of traffic per router and delivers the highest levels of reliability to deliver on its 100-percent uptime promise to customers. In addition to higher network uptime, the Juniper network has given DRFortress more control and flexibility for its datacenter, cloud, and internet peering services.

DRFortress has expanded the capacity of its Internet exchange service so it can connect more customers with better performance. Using MX80 routers allows DRFortress to support high volumes of Internet traffic with full redundancy. Customers see better performance because local Internet traffic now stays in Hawaii, instead of going to the mainland and back. For example, customers can establish private Layer 2 connectivity for their own equipment or with other peering exchange clients on the same LAN infrastructure, which optimizes latency and bandwidth consumption.

Next Steps

With a high-performance datacenter network, DRFortress is poised to take advantage of the growth market for datacenter services in Hawaii. The company is ready for new opportunities, especially with InterVision and Juniper as partners in its mission to deliver world-class services to customers, both local and around the world.

InterVision’s Datacenter Transformation

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