Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Marketing Accelerates Cloud Adoption

Tooling, Development, & ISV Enablement Project

The Situation
Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform which supports a myriad of systems. To promote and streamline the adoption of Microsoft products on Azure, the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Marketing (CEM) team wanted to equip partners and customers with real-time tools and resources to help them navigate the cloud. However, with so many versions of products from Microsoft and other competing technologies, the CEM team needed to decide how to provide this deep technical information to their customers in an intuitive and simple way which was not overly burdensome for the Microsoft support teams.

InterVision Engages
Knowing InterVision’s strong reputation across Microsoft, the Azure team sought their help to accelerate the development of Azure’s products, and to ensure that the enhanced tools and resources met the expectations of their customers.

In a seven (7) week inception-to-production release period, InterVision published a new self-service website and automated playbook which provided detailed guidance on best practices and steps to migrate from a myriad of competitor systems to Microsoft solutions on Azure. InterVision ensured that the new site provided scalability, repeatability, with low maintenance from the CEM team, while also equipping partners and customers with a self-service portal to enable them with on-demand information they need.

Achieving Full Potential
Immediately upon release, the CEM team noted that retained audience views increased by 80%. Initial support calls from independent software vendors (ISV) partners, regarding server migrations to the Azure cloud, dropped by 25%. Several other critical tools and enablement features were identified and added to the backlog to accelerate ISV adoption of Azure.

The Outcome

  • Immediately increased marketing’s retained audience views by 80%
  • Added new critical tools and enablement features to improve products
  • Decreased volume of support calls from isv partner channels by 25%

“InterVision understands the importance of user experience and product execution models to provide high quality, high fidelity tools with intuitive interfaces and workflow mapping that is thoughtfully integrated. All of this matched with a seamless delivery experience in a very short timeframe. Moreover, they finished our initial project early and under budget. A world-class experience.”

– Sr. Product Marketing Mgr. Microsoft

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