Status Go: Enabling a More Dynamic Environment

Episode 61: Enabling a More Dynamic Environment

As Nicholai Piagentini, Consulting Engineer with Palo Alto Networks, points out at the start of this episode, we now have a “really spread out workforce and a really spread out set of resources to allow them access to and secure their access to.”  A major challenge for organizations is how to enable this new model, empower their workforce and do so securely.  Listen now as Chris Campbell, a Solutions Engineering Manager at InterVision, sits down with Nicholai to discuss everything from the original goals of VPN to enabling a more dynamic and secure environment.

Nicholai Piagentini has been working in cybersecurity for over 20 years. After providing advanced training in Microsoft, Novell and Cisco networking, Nicholai became a member of the education staff at Netscreen Technologies. He continued working at Juniper networks after their acquisition of Netscreen in the competitive intelligence group. Nicholai left Juniper to start the education department at Palo Alto Networks 13 years ago. He also became the first consulting engineer for them and specialized in user aware next generation firewall architecture, SaaS security and SecOps. Currently Nicholai works with Palo Alto Networks deploying their Secure Access Service Edge offering.

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