Cloud Cost Optimization

John Gray and Dustin Milberg discuss ways to optimize cloud spend

In a 2020 survey conducted by IDG, they found that controlling cloud costs was the most common challenge keeping organizations from taking full advantage of public cloud. There is a lot of complexity, a lack of visibility and often cloud teams are too busy to keep up with the technical and operational processes required to control and reduce costs.  In this episode two of InterVision’s cloud experts lay out some of the fundamental ways you can work towards reducing cloud costs.  Dustin Milberg, Field CTO of Cloud Services and John Gray, CTO  bring you a candid conversation full of action items to help you reign things in if you are already in the cloud or plan ahead if you’re not there quite yet.  No matter where you are in your cloud journey, there is something in this conversation for you.

Live Webinar: Optimizing Your AWS Investment: Practical Guidance to Simplify Cloud Costs

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