In this episode Dustin Milberg, Field CTO of Cloud Services, dissects the tools needed for the cloud journey, with a focus on the 6 layers of the platform. 

When selecting your cloud migration type, remember the importance of aligning it with your overall cloud and digital transformation strategy.

AWS cost optimization is the process of examining and correcting existing conditions within the AWS environment to better fit within a predetermined budget.

Machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) have revolutionized UX (user experience) in a variety of ways across a multitude of industries. When leveraged correctly, these tools can help create a tailored and responsive sales or user process, enhancing user experience and increasing brand loyalty.

Having the right technology partners in the right seats is vital for delivering the results you are looking for and achieving your organization’s goals in an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable manner.

As more business activities move to the cloud, routing and switching may seem like antiquated components for outdated solutions, but both routers and switches continue to play an integral role in the cloud.