Status Go: Ep. 108 – AWS Cloud Journey | Transformation in Education

As we continue our series on the cloud journey, we are joined by Varouj Seuylemezian, Senior Director of IT for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).  The LAUSD had a cumbersome enrollment process requiring paper packets that needed to be physically picked up and dropped off.  Previous attempts at automating this process didn’t come to fruition for a variety of reasons, but when COVID hit they needed to develop a system in a matter of weeks that was able to scale and accommodate their large parent-student base.  They turned to the AWS cloud and pulled this feature off seamlessly.  Enrollment was just the first of many processes Varouj and his team are enabling and automating through the cloud.  Listen as Varouj sits down with Jeff Ton and gives us a glimpse into the transition his team, his people (as Dustin Milberg discusses in this episode), went through as well as their greatest lessons learned and how they plan to move forward.

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As Senior Director of Information Technology for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Varouj Seuylemezian is responsible for the vision, strategy and execution plan for the Enterprise Applications team.  Varouj’s experience encompasses all phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC): systems design and analysis, development, testing or quality control, performance and deployments.  Varouj has built a reputation for leadership in strategic planning and long-range development, ensuring cost-effective, efficient project launches, restructuring, change management and operations.