What's Next? | Employee and IT Alignment

Podcast: What's Next | Employee and IT Alignment

In 2020 IT teams all over the world performed unprecedented feats, enabling remote work and remote business in record time.  But, as we ask ourselves in this series, “What’s Next?”  We know many of the changes made in 2020 with respect to the work from home or work from anywhere culture will remain.  So, how will or how should IT teams evolve in order to accommodate those permanent changes and create a superior employee experience? In January 1E, a leader in endpoint management, released a survey: Assessing IT’s readiness for the year of flexible working.  1E’s survey examined, compared and contrasted data from both the IT perspective as well as the employee perspective and their findings were compelling.  Sumir Karayi, Founder and CEO of 1E, joins us in this episode to sift through the data, discussing where employees and IT aligned, where they saw a disconnect and their 5 point plan for solving many of the gaps that are emerging.

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