Status Go: Ep. 105 – Practical Outcomes of Cloud Adoption

Ron Teeter, Vice President of Engineering at Jobvite, spoke at our Cloud Strategy Summit in November 2020 and his insights were so valuable, we adapted his presentation to a podcast format.  Ron explains the pain points that prompted Jobvite to make the jump to cloud.  For example, in December 2013 they had 100 hours of downtime in 3 weeks, opening the door for some of their smaller competitors.  Ron also takes you through the timeline of their entire journey and discusses the connected outcomes that came with each phase.  Jobvite has gone from survival to agile to efficient.  Hear exactly how Ron and his team managed this process.

Ron Teeter is the Vice President of Engineering at Jobvite, a premiere recruiting software company offering a comprehensive talent acquisition platform with a marketing-inspired approach to recruiting.   Ron is responsible for leading innovative application and infrastructure development teams, which are building best-in-breed recruiting solutions for modern hiring practices. Ron, a 30-year technology veteran, has held various roles in software development, engineering, and architecture at companies like Disney and Aptean.  Ron joined Jobvite in 2013, just as their cloud journey began.