Status Go: Ep. 187 – Power in the Pivot

Pivots – those times in our lives and in our careers when we are faced with decisions that may alter our course. Author Andrea Butcher joins Status Go to talk about her new book The Power in the Pivot: Lessons from Being [at Work] to Take you from Chaos to Clarity. Together we discuss the main themes of the book and some of the lessons that stand out for her. I also had the chance to ask her a question no one else has asked! Listen in!

Andrea Butcher, CEO at HRD – A Leadership Development Company

Andrea is a visionary—she knows how to lead organizations from big picture to execution. She is a dynamic speaker, executive coach, and facilitator. As the CEO and co-owner of HRD – A Leadership Development Company, she leads a national team of expert facilitators and coaches and drives the organization’s growth strategy. She also hosts a daily and weekly leadership podcast, Being [at Work] and is the author of The Power in the Pivot: Leadership Lessons from Being [at Work] to Take You from Chaos to Clarity. In 2020, she was recognized by the Indianapolis Women’s Journal as a Woman of Influence. Andrea’s work spans organizations of all sizes and industries all over the world; she has experience in global HR positions, consulting, operations, and executive roles for private and public organizations. Andrea is also the co-founder and President of Next Gen Talent, a program specifically designed to equip emerging HR leaders for success.

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