Status Go: Ep. 102 – Race in Tech | Beyond the AI Algorithm

In our continuing series on Race in Tech, we explore the problem of bias embedded in the technology itself. Our guests Nayeli Hernandez, Data Analyst for CarDon, Sudha Gayathri, a Clinical Researcher, and Ashish Khandelwal, a postdoc Research Associate and Instructor at the University of Illinois, each bring a unique perspective as it relates to how human biases end up codified in AI models, how this impacts the accuracy of the data as well as the outcomes derived from it.  In this episode the panel of guests discuss each area bias can be injected into the process as well has how to resolve the issue using diverse teams and proper mechanisms as well as creating a culture of open discussion and communication.

Discussed in this episode: Biomimicry 

AI Engineers Need to Think Beyond Engineering (HBR article)

Nayeli Hernandez | As a data analyst Nayeli is a proven catalyst for digital transformation. She is driven to create business analytics that truly help decision makers achieve organizational goals and is enthusiastic about the use of AI to augment human analytical capabilities. Her background in human resources and polygraph, gives her a unique perspective regarding human behavior and the ethics surrounding the use of data to make decisions that affect people’s lives. While working as an HRIS Analyst she saw the need to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign to better understand how to leverage data to increase revenue and productivity.

Ashish Khandelwal | Ashish is researcher and instructor in analytics at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. His research interests include marketing and consumer analytics. He earned a doctorate in quantitative marketing from Indian School of Business, prior to which he completed MBA, with a focus on marketing research, from University of Wisconsin, Madison. In the past life, Ashish has worked in business development, marketing research and business consulting. Ashish reads widely and in his free time, Ashish can be found reading books on psychology, economics or philosophy. Ashish’s core strength lies in combining his knowledge of psychology and analytical techniques to solve business problems creatively.

Sudha Gayathri | Sudha earned her master’s degree in Information and Communication Sciences from Ball State University. She has an undergrad in biotechnology / PG-Diploma in healthcare IT and served in different roles in Business Operations, Production and Marketing for over 8 years.

She is a data analytics, cloud integration tech enthusiast with a passion to study and implement the relevant technologies in clinical / biopharma / healthcare industries to achieve the industry-specific goals holistically within the timelines.

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