Status Go: Ep. 103 – Race In Tech | Widening the IT Talent Pool

Nicole Craine, President and CEO of Techtonic, joins Jeff Ton on Status Go to discuss ways organizations can widen their talent pipeline and the crucial role this plays in creating more diverse teams.  Techtonic is a software development company and is the creator of the first software development apprenticeship recognized by the Department of Labor.  Nicole dives into  how and why the apprenticeship got started as well as the way it fuels their core mission of diversity.  It’s common for tech companies to be competing in the same pool of talent, which can be limiting, frustrating and sometimes costly in terms of resources.  But, as Nicole points out, if you are willing to step a little outside the box and try something new, what you find might surprise you.

Nicole Craine 
With over 25 years of experience demonstrating growth among technology companies, Nicole Craine has helped many startups scale quickly and become established entities. She brings that talent to her current role as Techtonic’s President and CEO, where she directs the execution of business strategies and guides major organizational initiatives.

Nicole excels at bringing together talent from multiple industries and markets across the globe, ultimately creating best-in-class organizations that enable superior solutions and results. Her career trajectory includes Excite@Home, There, Inc., Organic, and Cadreon, a Mediabrands company. Prior to her role with Techtonic, she worked with CEOs, startups, and SMBs to develop operational plans, organizational structures, and process design to facilitate high growth.