Status Go: Ep. 166 – The Digital Transformation Manifesto

165 episodes ago, we launched Status Go to help combat some of the misinformation that was floating around about digital transformation. We wanted to create a platform you could trust and one that gave you actionable steps to help you on your journey.

Today, we have an exclusive interview with Jessica Carroll and Ray Sheen, two Institute for Digital Transformation fellows. The Institute has just published the Digital Transformation Manifesto to cut through the noise and create a commonly accepted understanding of the meaning of Digital Transformation. Jessica and Ray discuss the how, the why, and the why now of the Manifesto before describing its tenets and how it can be used to transform your organization.

Jessica Carroll

With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the technology industry, Ms. Carroll is recognized as an executive who develops and articulates vision and solutions from both technical and business perspectives. A speaker on the topics of client engagement, team culture, digital transformation, and cloud computing, she has been published in CIOInsight and BizTech magazine, and was named a 2010 Computer World Premier 100 IT Leader.

Ms. Carroll is the founder of jCX Strategies, a consultancy service with a unique and authentic approach to fostering B2B customer-focused programs that drive successful outcomes for the business. Through innovative client engagement frameworks, methodologies, and interactive business & technology workshops clients uncover measurable business success plans that create transparency, team trust, and collaboration, resulting in mutual growth opportunities for both the business and the customer.

Ray Sheen

Raymond Sheen is President and Founder of Product & Process Innovation, Inc. He is a veteran business leader with over 35 years of executive, functional, and project management experience working in government, industry and as an independent consultant.

Ray is author of the book, Guide to Building Your Business Case, published by Harvard Business Review Press. Ray is currently an adjunct professor with Southern New Hampshire University and teaches process improvement, digital transformation, project management, product development and strategy development topics through Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. Ray also is a member of Vincula, a digital transformation consulting practices.

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