Through the story of two immigrants from Cuba, we shine a light on a group of IT professionals who sometimes have to work for years to regain their profession in IT.

The senseless killings of Black Americans in the headlines have understandably led to civic action and visible protests around the country as Americans everywhere, of all races and walks of life, are exercising their right to free speech. Worldwide, millions are now speaking out against systemic racism in our society. As a result, we are witnessing a sea of change and I wanted to take a moment to share my own recent reflections. I have been thinking of how to embrace the realities of today beyond simply condemning the crimes committed, a question we can all explore as we come together prepared to listen, learn and engage in community conversations around issues of race, fairness and equity.

Our guest today, Steve Johns, CEO of OneCause shares the backstory and rationale behind some of his key leadership decisions this year; decisions that set OneCause up for success despite the fact that their primary business model centered around in-person events when the pandemic hit.

In this episode Dr. Natoshia Anderson, VP of Training and Implementation at WOZ ED, discusses the intersection of: being female, being Black and working in STEM. This is an incredibly candid conversation that dives into many issues including what it will take for a true culture shift.

Status Go welcomes Terry Morris, Director Information and Digital Solutions for Eli Lilly and Company, who sits down with Jeff Ton to discuss the challenges he’s faced as a Black man and a Black leader in a predominantly white industry as well as why he has hope, and where he recognizes progress is being made.