Webinar Replay: Cloud Strategy Summit - Fall 2021

InterVision Cloud Strategy Summit - Fall 2021

We hope to provide you with valuable insights that can help guide your cloud journey in 2022. Some key takeaways from the event include:

  • By 2023, organizations that exploit the distributed enterprise model through cloud will realize revenue growth 25% faster than competitors
  • However, insufficient cloud skills will delay half of organizations from embracing cloud through 2022
  • Focusing on strategic outcomes rather than “migrating workloads” can help organizations accelerate their cloud adoption

InterVision’s Mission to Support Each Phase of the Cloud Journey – Jonathan Lerner, InterVision

Balancing Quality, Cost and Security in Cloud Platforms –
Dustin Milberg, InterVision

Cloud Journey Interview –
Leo Martin, Redux

Modernizing, Securing and Optimizing Cloud Operations –
David Gaffney, InterVision

Cloud Journey Interview – Matthew Fields, Omron

Surviving Ransomware with DRaaS –
Ben Miller, InterVision

Simplifying Communications through Cloud –
Matt Campbell, InterVision

What We’ve Learned Through the Cloud Journey & Audience Q&A – All Guest Roundtable