Webinar Replay: Strategy Summit – Meeting of the Minds | A Candid Conversation

Keeping 2023’s Spring Strategy Summit right on track, Vickie Landeche, SVP of InterVision, presents her summit segment Meeting of the Minds | A Candid Conversation. In this conversation, Landeche emphasizes the crucial importance of effective communication and collaboration among different departments within an organization. Creating a work culture that encourages collaboration and emphasizes clear communication is crucial in order to effectively lead a business toward success.

In this segment, Landeche offers priceless wisdom regarding executives’ obstacles and possibilities in the current dynamic corporate arena. During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, it is imperative that we take a proactive approach and prepare ourselves for any challenges that may arise. It is crucial to stay informed and remain ahead of the curve. Seizing the opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the top experts in the field is an absolute must.

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