Webinar Replay: Better Together: Sharing Responsibility in Cloud Security

By working with a partner like InterVision, you can offload the operational burden as the cloud provider operates, manages, and controls the various components and configurations required to maintain security and compliance.

Once you understand the AWS Shared Responsibility Model and how it generally applies to operating in the cloud, apply it to your unique use cases. Customer responsibility varies based on many factors, including your AWS services and Regions, integrating those services into your IT environment, and the laws and regulations applicable to your organization and workload.

Watch and learn:

  1. How to thwart the biggest cyber threat with a shared security model
  2. How tools alone don’t protect your organization
  3. How partnering with an AWS security expert extends your organization’s resiliency



David Gaffney | Product Director – Cloud
Zach Moore | Product Director – Security & Networking