6 Cybersecurity Resources for Protecting Business and Securing Your Future

To celebrate and educate, the team at InterVision wanted to share a list of top resources on IT security to help improve your organization’s resiliency. Times in 2020 have been tough, and our hope is that this roundup adds a bit of efficiency to your day.

AWS PODCAST: Cloud Security: Past, Present and Future

In this episode Bill Shinn, Senior Principal Architect for AWS Security, takes a deep dive into everything from the evolution of engineering and security, to common practices around successfully managing cloud operations, to the new innovations and emerging services for detective, preventative and restorative controls. This is a dynamic episode, covering a lot of ground; one you will not want to miss.

GUIDE: Proper AWS Cyber Hygiene in the Era of Remote Workforce

In an era where employees increasingly work from home, are you worried about maintaining proper cyber hygiene for your IT systems? This guide helps ensure your applications and datasets remain secured. It covers areas such as how to provision secured access and authentication, how to verify endpoint protections and logging, and how to leverage common network controls and AWS tools.

WHITE PAPER: 3 Tips to Secure and Automate Cloud Architecture

Once in the cloud, it’s paramount to ensure ongoing security for fast deployments. But security and speed can be at odds. Read this white paper to make the most of your cloud environment, learning how to determine what areas to automate in the cloud, how to build security into a cloud’s foundation and process, and how to ensure ongoing compliance in the cloud.

WHITE PAPER: Resolving Ransomware Incidents with DRaaS

Disaster recovery isn’t just for traditional disasters anymore. With DRaaS, IT teams can easily recover from a wide array of incidents, such as a ransomware attack. For tips on recovering from cybersecurity breaches and securing your data, download this white paper.

PODCAST: The Role of AI in Cybersecurity

Security is undoubtedly on the shortlist of items keeping IT leaders up at night. In this episode, J.R. Tietsort, Chief Information Security Officer for Darktrace, explores the layers of the security stack, how Artificial Intelligence (AI) fits in, and how AI strengthens overall security posture.

PODCAST: Security and Compliance: A Shared Responsibility

In an increasingly connected world, which allows for convenience, efficiency and new opportunities, security challenges arise at both the consumer and corporate level. Nowhere are these challenges more apparent than in the world of retail. Gopal Bhat, CIO and CISO at Rakuten Rewards, talks about responsibilities the individual must take ownership of as well as what good corporate citizenship entails.

Preparing for the Future Together

As the COVID-19 pandemic has upturned normalcy, cybercriminals have been taking advantage of uncertainty to exploit it for personal gain. No protection strategy is 100% effective, given the continually evolving threat landscape, so it’s critical that your business plans for both the protection AND recovery of your most important assets. This means having a great cybersecurity plan, as well as a reliable, regularly tested disaster recovery plan. Some new innovations are emerging as a result, such as a secure access service edge (SASE) for cybersecurity in cloud-native architectures.

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