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Massive School System Embraces Cloud on Fast Schedule

InterVision connects people and technology. From the August 4th Indy CIO Virtual Dinner event, guest speaker, Dr. Ruha Benjamin and local panelists, shared blogs, groups, books, blogs and other resources in which they found valuable as they continue to navigate Race in Technology.

(e)Books Becoming – Michelle Obama
Advancing Racial Literacy in Tech – Jessie Daniels, Mutale Nknode, Darakhshan Mir
Race After Technology – Dr. Ruha Benjamin
Captivating Technology – Dr. Ruha Benjamin
Blogs Angela Henderson Blog Post: Inequality and the lack of Diversity in IT
Articles Jared Council: Black Communities Pain Includes Black Journalists
Conference BDPA2020
Websites Dr. Ruha Benjamin
Videos Phil Vischer’s The Holy Post
Podcasts On One with Angela Rye
Organizations 100 Black Men
Ascend Leadership
Women & High Tech
Society for Information Management (SIM)
Indy CIO Network
Webinars Indy CIO Network – Panel Discussion – Race In Tech – August 4, 2020