Genetic Testing Firm Leverages Greater Security to Protect Patient Information


About the Company

The customer is a genetic screening and testing company that provides patients actionable information to make healthcare decisions, whether they’re thinking about starting a family or evaluating risks for cancer.

The Vision and Challenge

The company, intent on serving patients in an evolving digital landscape, was looking for new ways to improve their security stance. They had a single, pre-shared-key SSID for guests, which wasn’t great for security against cyber threats and potential technology downtime, since pre-shared keys are stored as plaintext, making it the weakest in terms of authentication.

Because the key could have been compromised if a hacker accessed the file on a computer or a guest device, the company searched for a more robust authentication option. They found InterVision to be a suitable third-party provider for a new cybersecurity solution.

The Outcome

Once InterVision had fully understood the company’s goals and long-term strategy, we designed a cybersecurity tool that fit their authentication needs. We deployed Aruba ClearPass using guest-sponsored methodology, which allowed company employees to approve or deny any guest on their network. Also, the solution enabled the network administrator to monitor guest users, to see suspicious activities in real-time.

Far better than the pre-shared SSID, Aruba ClearPass Guest proved to be a scalable, easy-to-use visitor management solution that has since delivered secure, automated guest access workflows for visitors. Not only did the solution meet the customer’s goals; they were so satisfied with the benefits their network experienced in security improvements, they have been engaging with InterVision for additional projects.

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