From Reactive to Proactive: How Registrar Corp Reduced Monthly IT Costs by 50% and Unlocked Efficiency

“I will evangelize all day every day that InterVision is the number one company to go to for managed service providers,” said Philip Edge, CTO of Registrar Corp.


Following rapid growth in 2020, compliance solutions provider Registrar Corp needed a managed service provider (MSP) capable of facilitating fast and secure data migration. The InterVision team has since become a valued extension of Registrar Corp’s IT footprint, facilitating the migration of all email hosting services and data to AWS, implementing AWS Control Tower security protocols, and an improved incident management process. Registrar Corp’s IT department reduced spending by 50% within the first year of their partnership with InterVision.


  • A leading FDA compliance solutions provider with 30,000+ clients and 200+ employees across 175 counties and 20 offices worldwide.
  • Trusted by industry-leading customers like Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Dolce & Gabbana.


  • Following rapid growth in 2020, Registrar Corp required a scalable solution to migrate data housed in legacy infrastructure, increase incident visibility, and manage access control securely.
  • Above all else, as a compliance solutions provider, Registrar Corp needed an MSP that understood the importance of (1) security and (2) risk mitigation.


  • A third-party contractor with unreliable availability controlled the on-premise data hosting solution, cutting off data transparency and creating habitual performance and latency issues.
  • Legacy email hosting platform included duplicative elastic block storage (EBS) data volumes translating to 50+ terabytes of costly and unnecessary backups.
  • All internal users retained global admin access to critical data, opening the door to unintentional but nonetheless harmful access and even malicious tampering.
  • Incidents and downtime occurred without system notification, oftentimes making customers the first responders to system errors.
  • Two significant acquisitions during the migration period necessitated a comprehensive audit of existing systems and incoming software and hardware.

Our Solution

InterVision approached Registrar Corp with a customer-first mindset, conducting a thorough assessment to determine how to achieve the company’s desired results in a tight six-month timeline. According to Edge, this collaborative mindset set InterVision apart from other MSPs.

“[InterVision] welcomed me with open arms. [They conducted] deep dive assessments, found out which applications needed to be patched, which ones are outdated, and provided me the growth path,” said Edge.

As the first order of business, InterVision transferred ownership of on-premise data storage from the third-party contractor to AWS. During this process, the company suggested several areas for data optimization and provided superior visibility through 24/7 support.

InterVision facilitated the migration of email systems from a legacy provider to Microsoft 365, enabling superior security and data governance practices.

Through the InterVision Security Hub and AWS Control Tower, Registrar Corp migrated to a role-based access control (RBAC) system. Now, only authorized users maintain access to sensitive data.

To date, InterVision has facilitated secure data merge processes for multiple acquisitions. The InterVision team also continuously audits all centralized data.

Throughout their two-year relationship, InterVision has collaborated with Registrar Corp to build a robust partnership exemplifying a mindset of “how,” not “if.” For example, InterVision managed integration with another third-party application to facilitate Registrar Corp’s process of attaining International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliance, a priority of Edge’s from day one.


  • 50% reduction in IT spending during the first year
  • Migration of all M&A data to a secure, centralized server
  • Resource optimization, including the deletion of 10-20 unused Elasticsearch instances
  • Fast-tracking of ISO certification process

During the partnership’s first 12 months, InterVision reduced Registrar Corp’s monthly IT spending by half — from $20K to $10K.

Simultaneously, computational efficiency and data storage capacities have increased, and organizational data has been migrated to a more secure location. Data acquired during M&A processes has been successfully transferred to Registrar Corp as of 2024.

Additionally, InterVision identified 10-20 unused or underutilized Elasticsearch instances. By reducing this number, Registrar Corp optimized cost and resource efficiencies.

The partnership has also enabled Registrar Corp to fast-track ISO certification. Edge anticipated the process to take approximately two years, but the Registrar Corp team is currently projected to receive certification in half that time.

“I would have never got there without [InterVision],” said Edge.

Aided by InterVision’s steadfast partnership, Registrar Corp has transitioned from a reactive to a proactive incident management approach. Customers are no longer the first line of defense to downtime.

“One of the things I love about InterVision is that I can open up a ticket seamlessly. I’ve got access to the innovation team day and night,” said Edge. “If there are [incidents]… I’m notified. But not only that, there’s proactive notification, right? It’s not always reactive.”

“Ultimately… I’m not looking for a managed service provider that just takes orders. I want them to be a part of my team… I want them to feel empowered. This [relationship with InterVision] is a true partnership. You know, this isn’t a provider that I’m just telling what to do all day every day… It’s collaborative, and I love the journey.

It was another light bulb for all of us… [realizing that InterVision] can support us in [our ISO certification] journey. I think we’re about 90% done with our ISO certification; we should get it probably in the next two months. I’ve been through PCI audits and SOC-2, but the fact that [InterVision] has been in lockstep with us — I would have never got there without you guys.”

CTO of Registrar Corp.
Philip Edge

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