TaskUs Deploys Remote Working Solution in One Week

About the Organization

TaskUs is a global technology organization that provides services for major companies that include helpdesk, back office support, and live chat functionality, as well as technical support, strategy, and optimization services for employees and their customers.

The Vision and Challenge

With the global COVID-19 crisis reaching new heights, government movement restrictions across the globe required TaskUs to shut down their on-site operations immediately. As staff began to work from home, TaskUs needed to implement a remote virtualized desktop access for all of their helpdesk staff as soon as possible. They wanted to partner with a trusted third-party expert who understood network, security, AWS cloud architecture, VDI (WorkSpaces), and DevOps automation to accomplish their tight timeline. Finding a partner with core expertise and experience in all of these areas was a challenge. TaskUs immediately needed to engage, architect, and successfully deploy an AWS WorkSpaces solution that integrated with their existing Tier 7 security services partner and their legacy Microsoft identity management system in order to keep their business running during the global pandemic.

“You can’t imagine the stress…I wasn’t worried about my job; I was worried about the 20,000 jobs I support and how we can get everyone back online quickly.”

—Sam Nassar, VP, IT Architecture & Engineering at TaskUs

To achieve the proper synthesis of all their technologies, TaskUs had to follow proper governance policies for cybersecurity to avoid cyber breaches and sensitive data exposure. All of these aspects depended upon rebuilding their Group Policy Object (GPO) and automating their networking to harness an entirely remote workforce. TaskUs used Egress to white label their agent access while allowing their team secure live chat access to their customers.

Altogether, these requirements made for a complex yet urgent project timeframe. A proven and trusted partner like InterVision was crucial to successfully deploy their AWS WorkSpaces VD solution since their core business operations rested upon the successful enablement of their remote workforce.

The Outcome

TaskUs selected InterVision for the project given our expertise in network infrastructureidentity managementcloud services deploymentsVDImanaged security services, and unified communications. The customer required a networking solution to accommodate high traffic loads, to achieve low latency and real-time fine monitoring and tuning while hardening their desktops.

“InterVision left an impression that no one else in the industry has. I’ve always looked to InterVision as the experts in infrastructure…I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find out they could help me in AWS as well.”

—Sam Nassar, VP, IT Architecture & Engineering at TaskUs

InterVision provisioned an AWS cloud architecture included AWS WorkSpaces Desktop for their virtual desktop imaging needs, Identity Management via Microsoft Active Directory, and AWS Transit Gateway using Palo Alto Networks firewalls for their complex networking and routing needs. Most projects of this scale take approximately 3 months, but COVID-19 brought out the best in both teams. And our strong 24×7 collaboration, deep bench, and systemic automation allowed us to complete this project in one week.

This project allowed TaskUs to keep its people safe across the globe at a time when their competition struggled to do so. Sam’s team was able to leverage their cloud first strategy to enable TaskUs’ People First core values.

Technologies Utilized:

  • AWS Cloud
  • AWS WorkSpaces
  • AWS Transit Gateway
  • Palo Alto Networks firewalls
  • Microsoft Active Directory

Watch & Listen >> Nassar’s own words during InterVision’s Cloud Strategy Summit 2020

“Working with the InterVision team, it almost felt like a walk in the park for us. We had no stress…everything was moving forward, and we got it done AHEAD of schedule.” 

—Sam Nassar, VP, IT Architecture & Engineering at TaskUs