Status Go: Ep. 114 – Going Beyond Networking

In episode 31, with Doug Theis, we addressed the importance of community in the IT space, not yet knowing how the covid pandemic would challenge, stretch and strengthen our sense of community.  Our guest today, Mike Charobee, Founder and CEO of CYBER BUYER, has established 8 organizations in Charlotte North Carolina, many of which exist to create and foster community for the IT Leader. Mike sits down with Jeff Ton in this episode to discuss the why and how behind the origins of these organizations.  There is a refreshing authenticity behind Mike’s drive and motivation, not to mention, philanthropy, which is one of the tenets he points to that drives success.

Mike Charobee has been serving the technology community for over 20 years.

Mike is a Tech & Cyber Security Entrepreneur where his is the founder of CYBER BUYER, a Cyber Security SaaS Marketplace for businesses; COYOTE BROWN, a Cyber Security Consulting Firm. Cyber Breakfast Club, a private breakfast club for cybersecurity executives and leaders, along with being the Founder and CEO of Shotgun Eddie & Company and Tech Buyer a cloud brokerage firm with a portfolio of over 300 tech suppliers in Cloud, Data Center, IT Infrastructure, Mobility and Network.

Mike is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board for the Ballantyne IT Professionals, a non-profit professional technology organization based the Ballantyne area with over 1,500 members.  The Ballantyne IT Professionals host several member events with their CIO Roundtable (technology leadership), CISO Roundtable (security leadership), TechCellence (all technology members) and support local charities in Eliminate the Digital Divide (E2D), Isabella Santos Foundation and Levine Children’s Hospital. Mike has co-founded and helped mentor other technology groups in the Lake Norman IT Professionals and the Asheville CIO Roundtable. Mike has held leadership and board positions with the Ballantyne Rotary Club.

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