Status Go: Ep. 115 – Humanizing Data

I think we’ve all heard the phrase “data is the new oil” or “data is the new gold,” because of the sheer power  and possibility it holds. However, all of that opportunity really lives inside the concept of truly understanding our customer and their behavior; boiling it down even further, truly understanding humans.  Our guests today, Amy Brown, CEO of Authentix and Michael Armstrong, VP of Product Innovation at Authentix, are on a mission to help humans understand humans. Amy and Michael sit down with Jeff Ton to explain how they are setting the new standard for humanizing customer interaction data at scale by going beyond sentiment data, beyond beautiful charts and graphs and creating impactful, actionable insights.  In this episode, they’ll also lift the veil on AI and ML, discussing exactly what it is and isn’t.

Here more about on Amy and Michael’s unique perspectives around unstructured data and the problems Authentix is solving.

Amy Brown

Founder & CEO, Authenticx

Amy Brown is the founder and CEO of Authenticx – the software platform analyzes and activates patients’ voices at scale to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare.

Amy built her career as a rising executive in the healthcare industry, during which time she advocated for underserved populations, led and mobilized teams to expand healthcare coverage to thousands of Indiana residents, and learned the nuance of corporate operations.

In 2018, Amy decided to leverage her decades of industry experience to tackle healthcare through technology. She founded Authenticx with the mission to bring the authentic voice of the patient into the boardroom and increase positive healthcare outcomes.


Michael Armstrong

VP of Product Innovation, Authenticx

Michael has always had a passion for building innovative new products and services. His experience spans a variety of industries, including co-founding previous tech startups.

In 2019, Michael left the corporate world and large enterprise life to pursue a more creative and impactful path. Amy Brown reached out to discuss her idea for Authenticx and the shared vision coalesced rapidly. Since then, Michael has become a driving force in executing the Authenticx mission as the VP of Product Innovation.

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