Status Go: Ep. 123 – Ransomware: A Two-Pronged Approach

From our vantage point as both technologists and consumers, we know the ransomware game is leveling up exponentially; that it is affecting our critical infrastructure.  As our guest today, Derek Brost, InterVision’s Director of Professional Services – Security and Compliance, states, ransomware organizations are developing “a predatory software eco-system that is more efficient and effective at holding us hostage than organizations are at managing that risk.”

It’s hard to talk about data protection, cybersecurity and disaster recovery without seeming like we are fearmongering.  That being said, we also want to ensure we discuss relevant, necessary topics and actionable insights.  We believe heightened awareness around ransomware, the damage it is causing and some of the ancillary issues (i.e., insurance) is warranted.  To that end, listen now as Derek sits down with Jeff Ton to discuss a two pronged approach to combatting ransomware; both preventative and restorative measures.

Derek Brost, InterVision’s Director of Professional Services – Security and Compliance,  is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with a 23 year background in IS/IT operations, architecture, and information security.  Derek’s specialties include: information security, risk assessment, risk management, risk mitigation, security analysis, investigation, intrusion detection, computer forensics, audit, compliance, HIPAA, technology architecture, management, technology budget, IT strategy, and R&D.