Compliance and Security in AWS

Industries across the spectrum, from government to financial services, must adhere to regulatory compliance frameworks, yet establishing a reliable setup for IT systems that can both secure business and encourage easy proof of compliance for auditors can be a difficult task. Indeed, the cybersecurity of IT workloads and datasets requires ongoing testing, maintenance, and strict change management policies. Pair this challenge with the connectivity expectations of modern-day business that so often rely upon cloud to deliver ongoing service and accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, and the task becomes even more of an uphill climb.

Security and Compliance in the Cloud vs. On-Premises

When you have a strong security foundation upon which all business operations can run with efficiency, the rest of your organization can stay nimble during times of uncertainty. It’s especially important to shore up your cybersecurity posture for AWS environments, where many businesses are conducting their IT operations since the wide accessibility and capabilities of cloud services represent a security risk if not well architected and monitored. That’s why AWS has created an essential guide for best practices: Top 10 Security Items to Improve Your AWS Account Yet, this guide only applies to workloads inside an AWS environment, not those aspects that exist outside of the cloud. Indeed, these aspects still need cybersecurity attention, as anything that falls outside of the cloud is a potential attack vector. Despite many organizations leveraging the computing and performance power of AWS, we still live largely in a hybrid world, where organizations may be weighed down with legacy infrastructure or applications.

It’s the complexities of a largely hybrid IT environment that create the biggest hurdle, oftentimes, for achieving ongoing compliance in many organizations. Additionally, maintaining a cybersecurity stance during this era of remote workforce demands keeping an eye on who has accessed what and why, which means ramping up change management activities, so that you can focus your talented staff on revenue-driving activities and not cumbersome tasks of yesteryear. Automation will be the answer for many IT activities and change management is just one area for improvement, and the AWS cloud has a lot of native tools to assist with speedy deployments and performance optimization. The management aspects then become the biggest hurdle—but there’s a good solution there too.

AWS Managed Services by InterVision

An organization wants their IT department to be an innovation hub, not a cost center weighed down with operational activities, and a strategic service provider (SSP) that specializes in AWS could be a great fit for freeing up overburdened IT departments. It can be helpful to have a third-party vendor to handle some of the more cumbersome or less-strategic tasks, so that your limited IT team can focus on driving the business forward during this challenging time, especially with IT staff no longer at a centralized location for in-person collaboration. That’s why InterVision delivers cloud in three support tiers: self-service, co-managed and fully managed. For the fully managed option, clients receive AWS Managed Services by InterVision, a fully managed service that accelerates cloud adoption and offloads operational burdens in a cost-effective monthly consumption model. Built on the foundation of Amazon Web Service’s AMS offering, this service provides unmatched security and operational standards driven by AWS best practices, all operating natively within AWS and fully managed.

With AMS by InterVision, clients get a secure and compliant AWS Landing Zone, a proven enterprise operating model, and day-to-day infrastructure management within the ITIL® framework. Clients receive an environment already under compliance with frameworks such as GDPR, PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA, FINRA, NIST, ISO, CIS, SOC and much more.

Prescriptive Architecture

  • Pre-configured Landing Zone
  • Compliant by Default
  • Controlled Access

Automated Change Management Process

  • Preventative Controls
  • Operational Maturity
  • Infrastructure Operations

Automates over 80% of common operational tasks, increasing security, consistency, and response times.
The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized that companies with the most flexibility tend to be the best prepared. As cybersecurity professionals embrace new models of connectivity and office work, and new methodologies for cybersecurity like a secure access service edge (SASE) grow in popularity, it’s imperative to maintain due diligence to outfit business for the moment at hand, but also to remain prepared for the next challenge ahead. InterVision’s Cloud Migration Lifecycle Assurance (CMLA) process for AWS migration and the fully managed AWS landing zone specifically built for compliance in our AMS by InterVision offering are a way to ensure verifiable compliance and security, both now and in the future.



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