Media Studio Enables Remote Workforce with VPN


Media Studio Enables Remote Workforce with VPN

About the Company

A media & entertainment studio with offices, headquarters, and filming locations around the globe.

The Vision and Challenge

Anticipating a “work from home” scenario for their offices spread worldwide, the studio sought to maintain connectivity to their rendering farms. To keep operations running through the COVID-19 crisis, so that production didn’t slow down unnecessarily, they wanted to provide a secured, mobile VPN solution that would allow up to 2,000 engineers to work remotely.

The Outcome

The studio reached out to InterVision and we replied with multiple scenarios that fulfilled all international sites, saved the customer money, and emphasized a speedy, yet secured deployment. They selected a next-generation VPN deployment that not only delivered on their high-performance requirements but also provided ease of use to their engineers.

The implementation is currently underway to meet their immediate needs. The project will enable connectivity from anywhere to anywhere, so that content rendering can occur wherever staff reside. By the project’s end, we anticipate increasing the customer’s preparedness, value and cost savings.


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