Virginia Commonwealth University Creates Safer Campus with Cisco IPVS Equipment

VCU invests in campus safety and security by installing over 600 cameras; increasing the ability to confirm reported crimes with photographic evidence


With Cisco IPVS equipment, InterVision provided Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department a surveillance system that allowed them to achieve 100 camera “wins” for the department within a few months post installation. Wins include arrests, incidents captured on video, photos of suspects and the ability to confirm reported crimes. These successes ultimately make a safer campus.


  • Urban campus covering 144 downtown acres
  • Over 31,000 students divided between two campuses
  • VCU Police Department – consisting of more than 90 sworn personnel – ensures that the campus is safe for students, faculty, staff and visitors


  • Outdated systems and technology.
  • Multiple buildings with individual cameras .
  • Laborious, time-consuming and investigative processes offering ineffective proof of victimizations against students.

Our Solution

InterVision designed and integrated a system to pull clearly and accurately recorded incidences on campus into one network allowing VCU Police to effectively investigate and identify suspects using over 600 camera, covering 200 buildings and 14 parking decks.


  • Higher campus safety, resulting in greater student content
  • Increased arrest rate due to reliable photographic evidence

“I think people’s expectation, when they send their kids off to college, is that they are going to be safe. So I think any investment that institutions make in safety and security are all sound investments.”

Associate Vice President of Public Safety, Virginia Commonwealth University
Chief John Venuti