Status Go: Ep. 150 – Enhancing Community and Culture Through Innovation

We are thrilled to welcome back Danny Manu, founder of Mymanu.  As you may recall from his previous episode, Danny told us they would be launching something huge, something not yet on the market, at CES 2022.  Well, that uber-successful launch has come and gone and Danny is joining us to introduce TITAN, the first earbuds that allow you to make calls, send messages and stream music using voice activated technology — all while leaving your phone at home.  While that is amazing – all the bells and whistles kind of amazing – the heart of innovation at Mymanu revolves around a desire to build community and to enhance culture and to make life a little bit easier.  Hear Danny talk about the experience of launching a product at CES, yet how the most powerful part of the experience was when a visually impaired journalist spoke to him about the ways in which TITAN would change her life.

CES TITAN Launch Live Stream


Danny founded his brand Mymanu in 2014, after spending over 10 years within the music and tech industries as an Aerospace Engineer for Haynes Int. and running his own music production company working with many international labels and artists. With roots in both Ghana and the UK, Danny has a wealth of knowledge within the tech sector and has experienced first-hand what it’s like to break through the business scene as a Black business owner. As the owner of the Mymanu brand, Danny endeavours to push technological boundaries. He developed Mymanu CLIK, the world’s first truly wireless earbuds with live voice translation to break down language barriers and make worldwide connections easier for all. Mymanu’s most recent revolutionary product release is TITAN, which allows you to leave your phone at home and make calls, send messages, and listen to your favorite streams in HD using the very latest eSIM powered by voice-activated technology.

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