Status Go: Ep. 112 – Resilient Leadership

We talk often on Status Go about the necessity for digital resiliency with regard to healthy business practices in an organization, what we’ve not covered is the necessity for personal resiliency when it comes to healthy leadership and team dynamics.  Stefanie Krievins, Leadership Coach and Founder of Stefanie Krievins Co., and Jeff Ton discuss why, as a leader, resilience is so important and especially critical as we look back over 2020 and move forward in 2021. Stefanie also shares how to develop and foster resiliency, because, “stress and overwhelm is a mindset, not fact.  And if it’s a mindset that means we need tools to better manage ourselves versus changing a fact about our environment.”

Stefanie Krievins works with CEOs, managing directors, and mid-level leaders who have teams who seem to lack creative problem solving skills; have rock stars who have fizzled out; or leaders who just can’t keep up the innovation needed now. These are leaders and teams struggling with conflict, accountability, and stalled growth. She provides solutions that get plans back on track, create connection and trust, and support individuals in taking ownership for their results. She is a trained executive coach, founder of the Pro Troublemaker Nation, and host of the Hot Mess Hotline.

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