Status Go: Ep. 110 – Race In Tech | Talent Diversification and Development

Acquiring and developing talent is a known issue in technology; many positions go unfilled or searches for the right candidate go on for months.  Furthermore, as we discussed in episode 103, technology organizations and teams are often going to the same talent pools resulting in an abundance of competition, not to mention, poaching.  In this episode we have the chance to speak to another leader focused on  diversifying the talent pool and developing that talent through registered, well developed and properly structured apprenticeships.  Jennifer Carlson, Co-founder & Executive Director of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Workforce Institute, sits down with Jeff Ton to dive into the mission of Apprenti; how to become part of the Apprenti talent pool and what the placement process looks like.  Apprenti provides an immersive apprenticeship experience based on the specific requirements of the sponsorship company.  Additionally, upon completion of the program, the candidate is guaranteed job with the sponsorship company, coming on as a paid employee for a minimum of a year while getting ramped up with a mentor.  Apprenti mainly serves diverse populations in the categories of women, underrepresented populations and veterans.

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Jennifer Carlson serves as Co-founder & Executive Director of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Workforce Institute, the workforce development arm of the WTIA focused on addressing the tech industry’s workforce and diversity needs though a registered technology apprenticeship program called Apprenti. She also is an Adjunct Professor at Seattle University.

Previously, she successfully led east coast sales, development of web policy management systems and branding initiatives for AIG Agency Auto, a billion-dollar insurance division of AIG, and managed U.S. sports marketing for Progressive Insurance. Her background in brand visioning, wide range of Fortune 500 business experience, sales retention and general management offer a unique ability to see creative solutions to complex problems.