Security is of upmost importance in the financial industry, and it’s not easy. While some tasks may fall to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list when time and resources are limited, security simply cannot.

If you’re responsible for planning your company’s disaster recovery, or involved at all in the buying process, the following are terms that you will hear often. This blog post will cover everything you need to know from top to bottom.

If you’ve decided to protect your data and recover your applications, one of the first steps is making sure you can properly replicate your data to your recovery site.

InterVision conducted a DR assessment for PCC and determined that the legacy offsite tape backup strategy for all of PCC’s data could be dramatically improved by embracing the AWS cloud. Prior to implementing the new solution, it would have taken PCC days and possibly weeks to back up and restore its datacenter and applications, costing them hundreds of hours to complete the effort. With the new AWS/Commvault back-up and restore solution, PCC can quickly and easily restore its entire datacenter in a relatively short amount of time and staff effort.

InterVision’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) made internal and external demands simple tasks for this medical solutions company. An elastic infrastructure allowed the client to take on any size client knowing they could scale without runaway capital costs. DRaaS provided the company access to their critical and sensitive data with the highest levels of availability, safety and security.

Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana’s goal was to protect several critical applications. They implemented InterVision’s DRaaS solution, replicated and tested, and were happy with the results. When their recovery environment footprint increased by eight times, they noticed that their bill did not.

MCCCD had state-of-the-art on-premise technology and a strong IT team to manage the district’s local datacenter. However, being a southern California-based college, MCCCD’s datacenter and applications were deemed vulnerable and difficult to recover from potential disasters. MCCCD contracted with InterVision to conduct a thorough assessment of its current datacenter and DR preparedness. InterVision delivered of a robust AWS environment supporting multi-site DR, pilot-light DR, and backup-restore DR architecture. This has allowed MCCCD to reach their business continuity and disaster recovery goals.

CDTFA engaged InterVision for a solution to meet their unique DR and data storage needs for the AWS cloud. Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, InterVision provided a multi-level storage solution based on how frequently the data would be accessed.

InterVision conducted a DR assessment for CCCCD and determined that the legacy offsite tape backup strategy for all their data could be dramatically improved by shifting the backup and restore strategy to the AWS cloud. With their new AWS/Commvault backup and restore solution, CCCCD can now quickly and easily restore its entire datacenter in a relatively short amount of time and staff effort.

The company needed flexible, short-term compute resources to support intensive training for a global network of installation partners. By working with InterVision to access resources hosted in the public cloud and by using its own private cloud resources, the client succeeded in cutting capital expenses, reducing operational costs, increasing productivity and enhancing competitive advantage.

A department of water resources chose Infiniti, an InterVision Company to provide cloud consulting services to determine the best solution for their needs. In addition to basic storage needs, they utilized a solution to backup their infrastructure to the cloud.