InterVision delivered our Managed Collaboration Services, which seamlessly connected chat functionality, phone systems and web conferencing into a single unified suite.

InterVision’s depth of expertise in remote workforce enablement made us a good fit for their project’s objective. We worked closely with their IT team to provision a new VPN with Cisco’s AnyConnect that not only connected employees to their IT systems remotely, but also emphasized the necessary security and compliance standards they needed.

In this episode of Status Go, we welcome, Curt Kwak, CIO of Proliance Surgeons. Like everyone, the scope of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t fully sink in for Curt Kwak and his team until it was upon them, and being in Seattle, they were some of the first hit in a very real way. In his conversation with Jeff Ton, Curt tells us how his team triaged and prioritized to keep the organization up and running, how they kept from ever losing communication and continued to uphold their commitment to their community.