7 Best Resources to Increase Your Cloud Knowledge

7 Best Resources to Increase Your Cloud Knowledge

Whether you’re looking to utilize the cloud for disaster recovery, considering a cloud migration, concerned about security or want to leverage the power of machine learning, it can be difficult to find all the information needed to make an educated decision.

For this reason, InterVision has compiled a list of our 7 best cloud resources. We think they are necessary in building a strong foundation for migrating, analyzing, and maintaining your cloud strategies.

PODCAST: What it Means to be Cloud First

Cloud-First is a very overused and over-hyped phrase in the tech industry. But what does it really mean? This podcast episode breaks down the term Cloud-First and shares its true definition, what all the hype is about, and when it is and isn’t right for your business. Listen here.

GUIDE: 4 Tips to Optimize Your Investment In AWS

Scalability, flexibility, and accessibility are all attractive features of migrating to the AWS cloud. However, it is common to have your long-term vision clouded by the shift in evolving demands and needs. This guide offers tips for investigating areas to improve your overall investment in AWS, in areas such as scaling possibilities, storage options, performance, compute, spending and automation. Download here.

SUCCESS STORY: Amazon AppStream 2.0: Mt. San Jacinto College Enables Remote Work During COVID-19

In this client case study, learn about this California-based community college’s quick transformation to support their remote workforce, allowing faculty and staff to continue providing vital services to students. Read here.

WEBINAR: The 7 Golden Rules of Cloud Migration

In this webinar, learn about the common pitfalls when planning and executing a cloud migration. You will also receive practical use cases on how to avoid them. View here.

GUIDE: 3 Tips to Jumpstart a Stalled AWS Cloud Migration

Successful AWS cloud adoption reaps many benefits including time and cost savings, improvement in security and resiliency of datasets, applications and workloads, and increased speed and scalability of technology investments. With this being said, migrating alone can often cause overspending and stalling, due to challenges such as unpredictable costs, security concerns, and lack of expertise. In this guide, readers learn strategies to smooth and accelerate their route to the cloud. Download here.

BLOG POST: 5 Tips for Multi-Cloud Strategy and Management Success

There are many drivers in pursuing a multi-cloud strategy including redundancy against potential outages, optimized cost for storage and other technology features, the performance of an application in one cloud versus another, and freedom from vendor lock-in. However, some companies can find themselves in a situation when it comes to mergers trying to accommodate the IT systems of both companies. This blog will provide 5 strategies to keep in mind when approaching multi-cloud environments. Read here.

WHITE PAPER: 3 Tips to Secure & Automate Your Public Cloud Architecture

It is extremely important that once you have migrated to the cloud, that you ensure ongoing security for fast deployment. However, this is easier said than done, with security and speed potentially being at odds. This white paper will share how to determine what areas to automate to the cloud, how to build security into your cloud’s foundation and process, and how to ensure ongoing compliance within the cloud. Download here.

Moving Forward 

It can be daunting to begin the process of migrating to the cloud. Having the resources to understand better the processes and best strategies associated with transforming your company are essential. If you have questions or would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to us for a conversation.

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