Backup as a Service

How safe—or shaky—is your data?

Most organizations are unaware of their responsibilities in the event of a data loss, leading to an increase in attacks on cloud data assets.

aware of backup responsibilities
unaware of backup responsibilities

Managed backups on your terms

Our goal is to execute reliably at an efficiency rate above industry averages. From recovery testing to disaster response, our BaaS experts are always ready to:

  • Develop backup and replication plans, with schedule, frequency, retention, and replication policies that meet your business needs
  • Implement your chosen backup solution, ensuring that it exceeds all common efficiency and reliability standards
  • Fulfill data protection requirements through periodic testing and validation
  • Mount an immediate disaster response, deploying our expert backup and replication specialists to restore your complete data and files

Lay down your backup burden

Flexible and complete—everything you need to keep your data safe

BaaS includes equipment, software, and expert support, for comprehensive managed data protection.

You choose the environment for hassle-free recovery of your sensitive and critical data. We handle the infrastructure and operations needed to protect it, wherever it lives.

  • On premises to a dedicated backup server
  • Offsite to our secure data centers
  • Offsite to AWS and Azure
  • Offsite to your choice of secondary location
  • Offsite in a hosted environment or AWS S3 bucket for O365 datastorage

The many benefits of BaaS

  • More is more. Every backup as multiple copies in multiple locations.
  • Innovation = security. Secure data with the latest immutability and air-gapping technology.
  • 100% error-free. Every backup is verified error-free, ensuring complete recovery.
  • Hybrid cloud. Manage backups in your on-premises systems, to AWS, Azure, or any other hybrid cloud.
  • Easy offsite recovery. Push BaaS data into an offsite DRaaS Restore™ landing zone.

“We needed a hybrid solution that was pretty complicated, and InterVision was one of the few vendors that was creative enough to find a solution to meet our needs. They approached our DR challenges as a business solution consultant so we worked together to determine how to proceed. We were not sold a one-size-fits-all product.”

COO, Mid-Market Law Practice
Sherry G

Knowledge is power

Our experts have compiled research and recommendations to help you better understand threats, protection, and solutions.

Benefit from a comprehensive approach with maximum protection and minimum disruption.

Discover how we can help you transform your business with innovative solutions and exceptional service.

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