Jeff Ton, of InterVision, walks through, not only how David Schacht, SVP and CIO at Simon, established such a a strong IT culture around core business needs and values, but how he navigates the balance of upholding these principles while also staying in front of new technologies.

Anita Nielsen, a Top Sales Performance Consultant, joins Jeff Ton, InterVision’s SVP Product Development and Strategic Alliances, to unpack what it means to be a partner, how to identify potential partners and most importantly, how to drive value together.

Episode 30: Embracing the Agile Mentality Connected.  Passionate.  Focused.  Are these words you would use to describe your team? What...

Tim Crawford, Strategic CIO and Advisor at AVOA, sits down with Jeff Ton, of InterVision, to discuss a variety of topics; everything from the virtues of social media to breaking down barriers through podcasting and even Tim’s experience as an expert witness. 

Amy Waninger, Founder & CEO of Lead at Any Level,  walks through an exercise highlighting areas where we can strengthen our network and ways to be more intentional about who we are connecting with.

In the age of transformation, when innovation is an urgent necessity versus a luxury, design thinking aids in aligning business goals and creating new business models while also wildly enhancing the customer experience.

Alicia Gaba, Intervision’s VP of Marketing and Norman Guadagno, SVP of Marketing at Carbonite, discuss the intersection of IT and marketing, the overall customer experience and the new pressures surrounding data collection and protection.

Traditionally, backhauling traffic through a datacenter allows an office to access the internet, external resources, data and apps. However, this model often creates hair pinning and pinch points as well as an overall complicated and expensive process. With the emergence of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), this can all be avoided.

Lou Lenz, Professor of Practice, returns to discuss Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing and the department of Human Centered computing, where, as Lou states, “It’s really about humanizing data.”

In this episode Lou and Jeff take us through the evolution of design thinking over the last 36 years, they discuss the root of fundamentally good design and explore the type of true collaboration among teams and even adjacent industries necessary to carry out a needle moving product or solution.

Thriving in our hyper digital era is a universal challenge, affecting all industries and both the public and private sectors.  Jeff Ton sits down with Aleta Jeffress, Chief Information and Privacy Officer for the City of Aurora, to talk about how she handles the need for change, challenging the status quo and carrying out her IT vision among the unique challenges of the public sector. 

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