Cloud cost management requires unique expertise in the realm of cloud architecture, and often cloud teams either don’t have the skills on staff or are too busy to focus on the technical and operational processes necessary to control and reduce costs. This issue, coupled with complex billing and lack of visibility into spending trends can result in sprawled workloads, stalled migrations and eroded confidence in cloud strategies.

The simple truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all cloud adoption strategy that works for everyone. Fitness is a great analog for cloud adoption. To get fit, we must eat well and exercise. But the types of food we eat and training we undertake has many varying factors.

From the dozens of new announcements at 2020’s AWS re:Invent, by far the two categories with the most announcements have been in the areas of compute and machine learning. While attempting to summarize those here would not do them justice, I’d like to highlight three of the most interesting and eye-popping ones as we begin 2021.

InterVision executed the DRaaS solution to AWS, then tested it for verification. It has given them confidence in recovery, freed up their IT team to focus on other priorities, and has enabled the ability to scale as the company grows.

Traditional norms were no doubt disrupted in 2020, which makes 2021 predictions a big question mark of how things will evolve. As we reflect on lessons learned from 2020, one commonality among those we saw thrive is that being prepared for the uncertain means pivoting your company toward a stance that emphasizes agility, speed and security.

As stay-at-home measures have accelerated the need for production workflows that can be performed remotely, DirecTV has delivered for its workforce and led the industry in overcoming this challenge.