Webinar Replay: Strategy Summit – What Can You Afford to Lose? Importance of an IR Plan

Adam Scamihorn, InterVision’s Product Director, in partnership with Arctic Wolf’s Bob Skelley and Scott Holewinski, are delighted to present, What Can You Afford to Lose? Importance of an IR Plan. In this portion of our Spring 2023 Strategy Summit, three industry experts explore the necessity of an Incident Response Plan, which allows organizations to prepare for, detect, and respond to potential security threats and breaches. This thought-provoking segment will discuss the dire need for organizations to have a comprehensive incident response plan and the repercussions of not having one in place.

Maintaining viewer connection through practical advice and solutions on how to develop and implement an incident response, ensures business continuity and data security. Attendees will gain insight into the latest trends in incident response, making this seminar an invaluable resource for IT professionals and business leaders. Scamihorn, Skelley, and Holewinski explore the risks associated with inadequate incident response plans, such as the inability to detect malicious actors in the network or lack of containment within a security breach. Join us!