What Do You Get Out of a Contact Center “Proof of Concept” With Amazon Connect (ConnectIV CX™)?

The right technology partner can make or break a company. The right technology can reduce business costs, simplify operations, deliver excellent experiences, and be deployed and managed easily. Companies like InterVision help organizations with their technology solution needs—especially when it comes to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

It can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting into, though, when evaluating the platform that’s going to serve your business best.

That’s why it’s important to solicit a “proof of concept” (or POC) from any provider you’re considering. Read on to learn a little more about the process.

What Is a Proof of Concept?

Simply put, a proof of concept bridges the gap between marketing-type value propositions and concrete use-case definition and planning. Basically, it’s an exercise in matching solutions to needs, and as such provides immense value to key decision makers. The POC process enables a potential customer and vendor to collaboratively plan out what an implemented partnership might look like.

As the name implies, the POC is where a vendor or partner can start translating value propositions into real processes and outcomes. For anyone looking to connect with a new technology partner to transform contact center operations, the POC becomes an invaluable tool in determining the viability of the proposed solution. In other words, you’ll be able to know exactly what you might get as a return on your investment and make an informed decision about the best next steps.

InterVision, a company with over 20 years of expertise in enterprise communications, is currently offering a no-cost POC to outline how an implementation of ConnectIV CX could serve your business.

What Is the Solution Being Offered?

ConnectIV CX™ delivers a modernized, cloud-based contact center solution that helps mid-size and enterprise organizations provide omnichannel customer experiences, plus optional post-implementation full-service management available by InterVision.

What Does the Proof of Concept Process Look Like?

The POC process involves identifying relevant use cases (working backwards from desired customer outcomes), articulating ConnectIV CX capabilities that can help achieve those outcomes, conducting a cost analysis, and collaborating to define what POC “success” will look like.

Process Milestones

To keep the process moving and keep everybody on the same page, a number of milestones will be identified and tracked. Sample process milestones include:

  • Discovery kickoff meeting: Challenges are identified and discussed, use cases are defined, Amazon Connect capabilities are evaluated, and success criteria are determined.
  • Total cost of ownership (TOC) analysis: Potential savings are reviewed.
  • POC discussion: Specific use cases and success criteria are defined.
  • Account and infrastructure building: An AWS account is created, and the necessary infrastructure is built.
  • Solution delivery: The solution is built and delivered.
  • POC kickoff meeting: Use cases and requirements are validated, to ensure the project is on track.
  • Testing and deployment: The project undergoes guided client testing.
  • POC weekly status meetings: Stakeholders discuss project status, review success criteria, and modify the POC configuration as needed.
  • POC wrap-up meeting: Progress is reviewed, and next steps are discussed.


Benefits of the ConnectIV CX POC process include the following:

  • Reduce costs: Save up to 80% compared to traditional contact center solutions through a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Simplify operations: Simplify contact center operations and scale dynamically without installing or managing any additional hardware.
  • Deliver positive experiences: Personalized and dynamic omnichannel solutions streamline communications and provide natural language understanding powered by Amazon Lex AI.
  • Deploy fast: Implementation of a modernized, full-featured contact center can be achieved in weeks instead of months, with hands-on support from certified AWS experts along the way.

How InterVision Delivers Value

As a Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), InterVision combines deep expertise in AWS cloud with over 20 years of enterprise in communications to deliver seamless contact center migrations to ConnectIV CX in weeks, not months. For this limited time offer, InterVision partnered with AWS to provide a no-cost proof of concept (POC) implementation of Amazon Connect leveraging InterVision certified Solution Architect support for qualifying organizations.

Click here to learn more about how ConnectIV CX delivers a modernized cloud-based contact center solution that helps mid-size and enterprise organizations provide omnichannel customer experiences, plus optional post-implementation full-service management available by InterVision.