Unified communications (UCaaS) and contact center (CCaaS) products are making some dramatic improvements to the way healthcare organizations communicate. Using cloud technology, UCaaS and CCaaS applications streamline communication, increase productivity, and facilitate better collaboration for busy healthcare teams.

A discussion around what is included in UCaaS, including the six key features that top UCaaS providers build into their solutions.

Answering the question “what does UCaaS stand for?” and covering the basics about this communication technology.

Answering the question “How big is the CCaaS market?” and other frequently asked questions about this communication technology.

Looking at CCaaS companies and the call center industry. Exploring the technology behind cloud-based call centers.

A discussion of UCaaS providers, what is included in UCaaS, and how to find the top UCaaS providers for your company.

Stefanie Krievins, Leadership Coach, why, as a leader, resilience is especially critical as we look back on 2020 and move forward in 2021.

From the dozens of new announcements at 2020’s AWS re:Invent, by far the two categories with the most announcements have been in the areas of compute and machine learning. While attempting to summarize those here would not do them justice, I’d like to highlight three of the most interesting and eye-popping ones as we begin 2021.

Status Go welcomes Matt Walker, a mountain climber who takes leaders into the face of uncertainty, guiding them to overcome challenges in both their professional and personal life among the most difficult environments. When Matt sits down with Jeff Ton he parallels the key components of healthy and safe mountain climbing with that of solid leadership development: extreme communication and transparency, connection, comradery and interconnectedness.