How big is the CCaaS market?

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a technology that many call centers have adopted over the past few years and which more are anticipated to adopt in the near future. But how big is the CCaaS market and how is it represented in the United States? We’re exploring these answers and more in this blog post.

How big is the CCaaS market?

The CCaaS market size globally was reported to be $3.07 billion USD in 2019, with growth to USD $3.48 billion in 2020. Projected growth rates range from 15.7% to 16.1% from 2021 to 2028. Whichever source consulted, it is clear that this market is thriving and continues to grow. The 2020 pandemic helped drive the increased demand for CCaaS solutions. Pre-pandemic, the call center industry had adoption rates of about 20%. These adoption rates are now expected to grow to 50% of contact centers by 2022.

How big is the call center industry?

In order to understand the CCaaS industry, it is important to also examine the global call center market size. In 2020, the global call center market reached $339.4 billion USD. The same study found that the call center market in the United States was estimated at $100.1 billion USD that same year. The United States, China, Japan, and Canada are all noteworthy call center markets with similar projected rates of growth. Globally, the global call center market is projected to grow at a rate of 5.6%-5.9% over the 2020-2027 period.

How many contact centers are in the US?

According to Statista, 66% of global call centers are located in the US. Florida, Arizona, and Texas are the states with the most call centers, with Texas alone boasting over 600 contact centers with 250,000 employees.

How many contact center agents are there in the US?

In 2020, there were approximately 2.83 million people working in call centers in the United States, with 60-80% of agents moving to become remote workers due to the pandemic. This paradigm shift shows the need for flexible and scalable call center solutions that can easily be adapted to changing circumstances. CCaaS is a perfect solution that allows companies to easily move workers from remote work to in-person work.

Who are the prominent market players in CCaaS market?

Prominent market players in the CCaaS market include:

  • Amazon (Washington, United States)
  • Cisco Systems, Inc (California, United States)
  • Genesys (California, United States)
  • Five9 (California, United States)
  • 8×8, Inc. (California, United States)
  • NICE Ltd. (Ra’anana, Israel)
  • 3CLogic (Maryland, United States)
  • Oracle Corporation (California, United States)
  • Avaya Inc. (California, United States)
  • Mitel Networks Corporation (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Evolve IP, LLC. (Pennsylvania, United States)

As you can see, the market is fragmented with many different providers offering their own take on the CCaaS technology. Some companies focus on solutions for specific industries, like banking or healthcare, while others offer a generalized CCaaS platform that can be adopted for any industry.

Is the call center industry growing?

Yes, the call center industry is growing, as shown by the above statistics. Contact center trends in 2021 continue to show the need for CCaaS solutions as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and remote work is still a reality of life for many companies. As contact companies continue to adopt CCaaS platforms to adapt to the shifting landscape of the call center industry, the need for managed services becomes clear. When selecting a CCaaS solution to keep up with the call center industry growth, it is important to have a managed service provider that can help you select, implement, and maintain your CCaaS solution. These partners can save you money and provide you with on-going support and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly, no matter what happens in the future.

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