Outlines the differences between VoIP and UCaaS, how to decide which is right for business, and how to find a quality provider

Defining “what is a UCaaS platform?” as well as 3 main components of unified communications systems.

A discussion around what is included in UCaaS, including the six key features that top UCaaS providers build into their solutions.

Answering the question “what does UCaaS stand for?” and covering the basics about this communication technology.

What does UCaaS include? We list key features of UCaaS in the cloud and unified communications benefits.

Answering the question “How big is the CCaaS market?” and other frequently asked questions about this communication technology.

InterVision announces comprehensive Managed 8×8 Services – New managed communications service oversees 8×8’s unified collaboration and contact center products, allowing cloud-based flexibility at a lower TCO

When it comes to UCaaS, data security is no longer entirely the IT department’s responsibility. UCaaS vendors are able to offer sophisticated security, encryption, and fraud prevention tools.

Introducing Cloud-based Contact Center Solution: CALNET NextGen Contact Categories 27 & 28 Lean in as Chris Cruz, InterVision's cloud product...

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, people were forced home, hospitals were quickly overwhelmed, and the economy dissolved into a recession. As companies are working hard to support their employees, serve their clients and survive, IT leaders are in the forefront now more than ever.