The modern contact center is the main source of interaction between an organization and its customers, and a primary driver of a positive customer experience. Contact centers handle communication across multiple channels like telephone, web, chat, texts, email, messaging apps, social media.

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Unified communications (UCaaS) and contact center (CCaaS) products are making some dramatic improvements to the way healthcare organizations communicate. Using cloud technology, UCaaS and CCaaS applications streamline communication, increase productivity, and facilitate better collaboration for busy healthcare teams.

Businesses have been developing new models of communication to encourage productivity, shifting the modern workplace for a virtual office.

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The modern Contact Center consists of four main features: telephone, chat apps, video calling, and customer data analytics.

A contact center is the hub of all the different communication channels and tools that customers use to interact with your service teams. The goal of a contact center is to create an agile and frictionless customer experience.