Unified Communications in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) are creating improvements to communication by improving call center systems, for example. Utilizing UCaaS services benefits a variety of manufacturing practices by ensuring a smooth workflow between different offices that can often be in separate parts of the world.

Manufacturing Industry Trends

A leading trend in this industry is that more manufacturers are moving to the cloud due to increasing automation and delivering a more optimal customer experience. The cloud can also increase cost savings and assist in achieving a better return on investment. A 2022 industry outlook report from Deloitte confirms that one major trend for the manufacturing industry is companies embracing the digital capabilities of new technology from the corporate level down to the factory floor. These “smart factories” that are embracing the wave of technological advancements are seeing positive results from more reliable, predictive, and efficient processes at their operations.

UCaaS Examples in Manufacturing

The implementation of UCaaS into a manufacturing operation yields positive results all around. UCaaS can assist in making operations more efficient in a variety of ways.

  • More Robust Asset Management: With one tap on a smartphone with a QR code reader app, a plethora of information is now at someone’s fingertips. From warranty information to maintenance logs, this data makes it easier to track a company’s assets from anywhere in the world.
  • Maximized Communication: UCaaS offers companies the tools to bridge the gap between manufacturing facilities spread across the state, country, or globe. Video conferences in particular with services like Zoom have exploded in part to their effectiveness in keeping teams connected wherever they are.
  • Upgraded Quality Assurance: Unified Communication systems like instant messaging and video conferences allow experts to be brought into situations they can not physically be at to brainstorm effective problem-solving tactics. This communication ensures that the product or service that a company wants to release gets the proper feedback concisely and on time.

This small sample displays only a handful of ways to improve the manufacturing process by implementing UCaaS into your system. Partnering with an organization like InterVision allows us to take on the challenging aspects of IT. We know what technology to provision, where to host it, and how to manage it are critical questions for any technology initiative, and InterVision can be that resource.

Unified Communications Benefits

Before purchasing from a UCaaS vendor, understanding how it will benefit your organization is the first step to successfully merging with the new technology. The first concern to consider is how cost-effective it is for an organization to adopt. In most cases, adopting a UCaaS does save an organization considerable amounts of money. This is primarily because it is easy to set up and does not require an on-site install. This turns into more savings as you won’t have to worry about budgeting for equipment and maintenance fees.

Other benefits of adopting a UCaaS system are its adaptability and likelihood to improve employee performance. As remote work becomes more common, UCaaS will fit perfectly with your team as it utilizes a cloud infrastructure. Employees will also enjoy the system as it won’t bog down their current workload with unnecessary problems. Integrating all communication channels into a single interface centralizes communication and pertinent information, making it all accessible at any time. The recent advancements in cybersecurity and disaster recovery have kept critical assets assured of data protection. This keeps the manufacturing industry moving forward with each new technological advancement.

Difference Between UCaaS and CCaaS

While Unified Communications as a Service and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) are designed similarly, they have fundamental differences that separate them. UCaaS is for internal communication and integrates all communication channels onto one platform. CCaaS, on the other hand, is used by companies to enhance and simplify the customer service branch of their operation. Companies can no longer solely rely on phone support to offer the best customer service in a digital age. Having email, text, and video calls all as options for customers to resolve their problems allows them to choose the avenue that makes them the most comfortable and results in the best experience for both parties involved.

Unify Your Communication with InterVision

The UCaaS revolution is here, and InterVision will guide you through the transition. We have a talented team of in-house engineers and experts that will assist in transforming your business. With our years of experience in the industry, InterVision can provide the tools, infrastructure and services to improve your IT stack.

We will work closely with your team to understand your challenges and goals. We’ll identify where we can eliminate technical debt, work financial levers and mitigate risk within the project. If you are ready to make this transformation, contact us today. We can’t wait to get started.

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