RPaaS & CCaaS: The Role of CCaaS in a Ransomware Attack

The Role of CCaaS in a Ransomware Attack

A ransomware attack can impact your organization in many ways. Communications, operations, supplies chains and business data may be locked down along with other critical applications. To make matters worse, your company’s reputation can take a hit, resulting in a loss of customer confidence. A Contact Center is a crucial part of your business operations and customer experience, and as such, is often a primary target for ransomware attacks.


Why use a CCaaS?

There are many benefits of utilizing a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution through a strategic service provider like InterVision. These include lower operational costs, greater scalability and flexibility, quicker access to new technologies, and an overall better customer experience.

An additional benefit of a CCaaS solution is enhanced cyber security. Top communications and collaboration technology providers like AWS, 8×8 and Cisco dedicate significant resources to protect their infrastructure and platforms from cyber-attacks. So if your on-site network falls prey to ransomware, your CCaaS can remain active, giving you an advantage as you implement recovery operations.

The ability of your customers to continue communicating with sales and service agents during a cyber event will go a long way in maintaining their confidence and your company’s reputation. It also is imperative for supporting your internal communications and ensuring that your response and restoration plans are expedited quickly.

Let’s consider the role a CCaaS can play on business sectors like healthcare, manufacturing and financial services.


Impact on Healthcare

The function of a CCaaS solution during a ransomware attack on a healthcare institution should be patient focused. It is imperative for a hospital to continue facilitating communications with staff, patients and the public. If the attack has compromised the hospital’s ability to diagnose and treat patients, a CCaaS is vital to provide information and alternative options to the public.

Additionally, Personal Health Information (PHI) is often a high-value target for cyber criminals. The CCaaS is a repository and conduit for this data and will have security measures in place to protect PHI. This means your CCaaS agents will be working closely with the incident response teams to follow established security protocols.


Impact on Manufacturing

A ransomware attack on manufacturing will often target supply chains and basic operations. One of the primary functions of a CCaaS during a cyber incident will be focused on communicating upstream with suppliers and operations to coordinate alternate sourcing and transportation channels based on the nature of the attack.


Impact on Financial Services

Ransomware attacks on the financial services sector are often data-driven, seeking to undermine customer confidence in the security of their funds. This reputation-targeting approach can cause great harm to any financial institution which is built on a sense of public trust. The CCaaS will need to focus their efforts on communicating with their clients and customers to allay their fears.


Comprehensive Ransomware Protection

Cyber threats like ransomware continue to be an ongoing battle. A major part of your business strategy should include ransomware protection. InterVision has created the first managed service, designed specifically to provide end-to-end protection against ransomware attacks. Our Ransomware Protection as a Service (RPaaS) tool takes a holistic approach to ransomware threats, focusing on detection, protection and recovery.


Modernize Your Communications

Deemed experts in communications and collaboration solutions, InterVision designs, builds and supports various contact center and unified communication systems including ConnectIV CX™, 8×8 and Cisco UCCX. We offer migration plans to move on-premises technologies to cloud-based solutions that are always-on, always-secure – unified, simplified, connected and secure.


Achieving More Together

InterVision has been helping businesses solve IT problems for more than 25 years. If you are concerned about cyber security, contact center and unified communications or seeking to improve your protection against ransomware attacks, visit our website or call 844.622.5710 to speak with one of our experts today. They can help evaluate your preparedness and recovery plans to make sure your company can minimize the risks and impacts of a cyber-attack.