Amazon Connect Implementation Case Study: Walsworth Publishing

About the Organization

Walsworth is a family-owned publishing company, with locations in three different states, that prints and distributes school yearbooks, books, catalogues, and magazines. In addition, they offer print, digital, and support services to their large network of customers. With a strong focus on customer service and excellence, Walsworth provides each customer with a single point of contact who is dedicated to their account and backed by a team of subject matter experts for file handling, mailing, distribution, and fulfillment.

The Vision and Challenge

Walsworth has a 40-agent contact center to handle all of the customer service calls for their thriving publishing business. They used several different solutions to handle the different ways that customers contact them—one solution for phone calls and another for chat. They were midway through a contract with InterVision to manage their hosted contact center, when InterVision approached them with an idea: let’s do a full migration of your contact center from your current solutions into Amazon Connect.

InterVision recognized that Walsworth could benefit from advances in call center technology. The challenge was clear: would the increased functionality of the new call center technology be worth changing the entire contact center, including training agents on new programs, revamping administrative workflows, and the time it would take to migrate teams in different locations to a new solution?

The Outcome

In the end, the answer was yes. The benefits of this migration included:

  • Cost Savings

The biggest benefit for Walsworth was the cost savings. Their new service costs will be about 35% less when the new services contract gets renewed. Walsworth yearbook business is seasonal, and InterVision was able to deliver a solution with Amazon Connect, where customers only pay for what they use.

  • Consolidation of Tools and Increased Functionality

Amazon Connect allowed Walsworth to bring together the majority of their customer service tools under one solution, creating smoother and more efficient workflows for agents. Instead of having to log into several different places, agents are now able to sign in to just one interface to start handling calls and to access the CRM. Agents also now have the ability to handle phone calls and web chat from the same place.

However, it wasn’t just agents that benefited from the increased functionality. If they want to, system administrators are now able to easily make changes to the different call trees—like setting holiday hours, changing greetings, or notifying about an emergency—as well as easily adding new users and setting or changing permissions. Of course, InterVision is happy to still assist with these tasks if needed, but now system administrators at Walsworth have an easy way to quickly make these changes internally, quickly and securely.

Another change was the upgrade to the way that callers would get handled in the automated menu. With several different locations, and time-sensitive publishing, Walsworth has very specific rules on where calls go first that change based on the time of the year or other factors. The new system is able to deliver for these needs, as well as giving tools to easily adjust the caller routing quickly and efficiently, to make sure that callers go to the right person to help them.

  • Increased Visibility for All Stakeholders

Agents are now able to see all of the ways that customers interact in one place, as well as having access to tools they previously did not have. For supervisors and managers, they now have greater visibility into agent activities, including being able to receive an email notification if an agent misses a call. This allows managers to quickly follow up with agents and help resolve the situation to get the agent back on the line quickly, handling each important customer interaction as it comes through.

For executives, the new system includes visibility on all of the agent and supervisor activity, as well as vital information on how customer engagement is happening, and other statistics as the customer and agent sentiment on a call. This data is all collected and easily accessed by reports so executives can make data-based decisions.

An added benefit of this migration was the fact that now Walsworth has the flexibility for in-office or remote work, and is able to easily transition workers back and forth as needed. InterVision was able to accomplish these types of migrations in 6-8 weeks.

“We are glad to have a partner in InterVision. Their experts aligned closely with our team to understand our goals from the start. Now that we have upgraded our contact center with Amazon Connect, it means we can give our customers the experience they want from us.”

—Don Paalhar, Infrastructure Supervisor at Walsworth Publishing